Launching Lawcus 2.0 with features galore!

Harsimran SinghHarsimran Singh@lawcushq(@lawcushq)

We are proud to introduce the new Lawcus 2.0 - A new and better way to manage your law firm, featuring:

Always improving! We're continually working to refine Lawcus so you can take your practice to the next level. A significant performance improvement had been introduced in Lawcus 2.0: Now app loads 3x faster. enter image description here

Our simple and intuitive form builder allows you to create an online intake form with ease. You can even embed them in your websites, ability to create logic steps and save current progress. enter image description here

LawPay allows you to process trust and operating account credit card payments properly. Payment links can be shared with customers so they can pay instantly.

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Our Quickbooks integration allows you to sync everything over to QuickBooks Online, like Clients, Invoices and Payments made on your trust account.

Note: QuickBooks Integration is a one-way sync. Any activity done in QuickBooks does not sync back to Lawcus.

Generate multiple invoices for unbilled items in just two clicks. You can do this by clicking on the New Multiple Invoices button, then selecting the matters you would like to bill. enter image description here

enter image description here

Trust Requests allow you to create an invoice instantly to request funds or retainer from your clients in the trust account.

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Our tight integration with these cloud storages will allow you to upload files from your computer into Lawcus, and they will be synced to your native cloud storage account. You can create and view files/folders just like you do in their app without leaving Lawcus. For each matter, we will create a folder(Matter Number) in your cloud storage account.

How to setup Dropbox/One Drive/Google Drive integration?

  • Click on your profile avatar on the top right, click on settings and then click on ˜Apps & Integrations.
  • Click on Files Integration.
  • Click on the toggle button to enable Dropbox/One Drive/Google Drive
  • Enter your Dropbox credentials enter image description hereOn Integration, Lawcus will create a tab with the Dropbox/One Drive/Google Drive logo on your matter details screen where you can upload documents or access the documents loaded for that matter in your Dropbox account.

enter image description here

Ability to add email and phone logs. You can even record the interactions with the contacts who are not in the system. enter image description here

Add tags on contacts and matters to categorize them as you like. enter image description here

enter image description here

More featurespermalink

  • Ability to customize Invoices
  • Send emails through Lawcus using your email server.
  • Introducing 'Save and add new' buttons on all forms
  • Ability to add multiple Phones, Email, and Addresses
  • Ability to sort matter and contacts by clicking column headers
  • Ability to search board names.
  • Improved date range filters.
  • Ability to see delegated tasks.
  • Automation Triggers – ability to create automated workflows that can create matters, create tasks, send email & texts, create & send invoices, and many more actions, based on the custom triggers.
  • Text Messaging – the ability to send out updates and reminders to clients
  • Reminders - the ability to set reminders on tasks and events
  • More Integrations