Lawcus - Feature Update May 2022

Harsimran SinghHarsimran Singh@lawcushq(@lawcushq)

We've been working hard over the last few weeks to make Lawcus even more powerful and useful to you. We're thrilled to announce that we've added some exciting new features to enhance your Lawcus experience. We hope you have as much fun with them as we do.

Our entire automation section (Workflows, Intake Forms, Document Templates, Email Templates, and eSign Templates) now allows you to create folders to organize your workflows, forms, and templates. You can now create folders, multi-level folders or even search within a folder instantly. Automation Folders

Map any trigger information from your workflow to custom fields automatically. Custom Fields Binding

Automatically invite clients to the Client Portal via workflow ‘actions.’ (ex. When a lead is moved to the next stage in your pipeline and becomes a client, you can automatically invite them to the portal.) Client Portal Invitations via Workflows

Attachments can now be added to any email template. Email templates with attachments can be selected in ‘Workflows’ and will automatically include attachments when sending email templates via workflows. Email Template Attachments

When creating workflows and adding tasks, subtasks can now be included in workflows. This allows you to split tasks into individual components while saving time. Workflow Subtasks

-Automate your entire invoice delivery process by creating your workflow and selecting the following actions: ‘Create Expense,’ ‘Create Time Entry,’ or ‘Create Flat Fee.’ Workflow Updates

-In the ‘Create Invoice’ action, you can now map fields from any matter in the workflow. Workflow Updates

-Set up your workflow to create a new lead for you and select ‘Person’ or ‘Company’ depending on if your new lead is a person or a business. Workflow Updates

-Multiple Search Conditions are available (and/or) to find leads or matters quickly and without hassle (ex. Search on the basis of two conditions). Workflow Updates

-Practice Area Defaults that are set up will be automatically populated into the workflow when selecting the corresponding practice area. Workflow Updates